save on cell phone service

You/your family may be able to save hundreds by switching to a different service provider. You can almost always keep your number, and often the same network too!

Featured: Activate new Tracfone service and earn 3 months of FREE unlimited Talk, Text & 1GB of Data! Click here for full details & instructions

TRACFONE (NOW OWNED BY VERIZON)- Unlimited starting at $20 (includes 1GB of data)

Immediately after activating or within 14 days of activation, request a code by filling out this form here sign up for Tracfone Rewards, click on "My Dashboard" and enter your code, you should then see a message telling you that "you received 8,000 points! (valued at $80 worth of service, enough for 4 FREE months on the $20 plan).

*You'll need to add this code once your new service is active (within 14 days), by clicking on "my dashboard" at Tracfone rewards, and the points will be available once 60 days have passed.

Note: If you'll be blocking text on your phone, be sure to sign up for rewards before you add the block, because they may send a security code by text. If you already blocked text, you should be able to sign up for rewards at the same time that you activate online without needing a code.

HELLO MOBILE- Unlimited starting at $5 including UNLIMITED talk text and international calling (Including calls to Israeli landlines and cell phones).

Unlimited Picture messaging. Also includes 500 MB of data. 

Works on LG classic phones once you unlock the phone. They Run on the NEW T-MOBILE NETWORK.

Taxes & Fees are included in the $5 price!!!