Earn cashback on your online shopping in addition to all your regular credit card rewards!

You can click on the offer links below to get started (you can sign up for as many as you wish).

If you aren't so familiar with how this works, you can view our general info about online shopping cashback.

The offers below do not require a smartphone, all will work on a desktop browser.

Current offer: Get an bonus $30 cashback when you SPEND $30 through Rakuten.* 


Rakuten Logo


No current Welcome offer showing but usually offers the highest percentage.

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Current offer: Get an extra $10 when you EARN your first $10 through BeFrugal.


BeFrugal logo

Mr. Rebates- No current Welcome offer showing but great cashback portal


More cashback portals to try:

GoCashBack, $5 when you sign up. During signup, check off the "my friend referred me" box and enter code: QGTGVF

IConsumer is an interesting program that offers cashback in the form of stock in their company (you can then cash out for regular cash). Current signup offer includes $10 worth of stock.

ExtraBux is another interesting portal that offers various bonuses and boosts to raise the amount of cashback you can earn. Current signup offer is $20 (based on $5 for the first 4 increments of $25 in earned cashback).

Disclaimer: Please be aware that all cashback portals reserve the right to change or end their offers whenever they wish. In all cases, the exact offer you are shown after you click on the offer link and arrive at the cashback program's own website's offer page will be the offer that you will receive. Most offers that require spending a minimum amount usually require that you spend in a cashback-earning category. Purchases that don't earn regular cashback will not count towards your bonus. Each portal is run by an independent company that is responsible for fulfilling their respective offers.