Tracfone is now owned by Verizon!

New Tracfone customers can earn the current max of 2,500 Tracfone Rewards points, redeemable for 3 FREE months on the NEW $15 unlimited plan or any combination of $25 worth of service or add-ons. (available only if both your phone and email address are new to Tracfone).

Important: Tracfone is now changing the code each time someone uses it, so you need a new code, not one posted publicly online!

When you finish activating and signing up for Tracfone rewards, please enter your email address into our form to request a new valid referral code that you'll get on the spot, (you won't be spammed!)

See the instructions and the picture tutorial below to get this deal!


1) Get a Tracfone SIM kit (available here on, and other retailers too).

2) Sign up for any Tracfone plan, (yes, you can keep your old number!) 

Click here for a list of the porting info/requirements of many common cellular carriers.

3) Immediately after activating or within 14 days of activation, sign up for Tracfone Rewards, then request a code by entering your email address into this form here, click on "My Dashboard" and enter your code, you should then see a message telling you that "you received 5,000 points! Tracfone changes the code every time it is used, so our Google form is programmed to show the latest code for each form response. 

4) Points will become available for redemption after your service has been active for 60 days. You can then click on "redeem points" or simply buy a refill plan and choose "use points" when selecting your payment method. Although rewards officially need to be redeemed online, you may be able to get a phone customer service agent to do it for you if you tell them that you don't have internet access then.

Important info:

Please note that the $15 Unlimited Plan is found under "smartphone plans" even though it works on a flip phone as well, so select "smartphone plans" if you don't see it right away.

If you sign up for auto-refill, please be aware that Tracfone auto-refill works by buying your selected plan once a month regardless of when your service end date is. So you may want to cancel your auto-refill for the months that you are getting free service from your points.

For those who have Talk-Only: If you'll be blocking text on your phone, be sure to sign up for rewards before you add the block, because they may send a security code by text. If you already blocked text, you should be able to sign up for rewards immediately after activating online without needing to receive a code.

Rewards are available once per lifetime of an ESN, so using a phone that was activated with Tracfone before may not earn the referral points (but you should try entering the code anyhow if you already activated and won't have another phone available within 14 days, because it may still work and there's nothing else to lose.

All Tracfone Rewards transactions are subject to the Tracfone rewards program terms & conditions ownership will earn a reward when you use their code